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Inky Thump (b.1982) is a painter from Kent, England. Now residing in East Sussex his commissioned wall art prints and original paintings can ben seen in hotels, gyms, offices, shopping centres and homes across the South East and London. Inky Thump’s contemporary portrait paintings aim to reimagine moments of pop-culture.

Painting in acrylics and oils, Inky Thump transforms the canvas into moments of nostalgia and joy that demand the viewers attention. By first creating an abstract background of vibrancy and energy, layers of paint are then added and removed until an identifiable figure emerges. Details are then applied to the main features of the subject, to create a study that is half abstract, half figurative artwork.

Inky Thump paints Jimi Hendrix onto a background of the Star-spangled Banner, creating the same tension, power and irony with which the 1969 performance of the American national anthem is synonymous. He then paints a tender moment of Amy Winehouse looking back at us before her life fell apart before all our eyes, her beehive haircut being consumed by the abstract nature of the surrounding image. A striking portrait of the Beatles shows us 4 young lads from Liverpool with the world already at their feet, layer upon layer of thin paint is applied and what looks like tears roll down the band’s faces.

The sense of order Inky Thump strives to reassert onto the painting after creating the initial chaos of the piece, is a reflection of modern life – Trying to create order from the chaos of our own making.

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