Artist Commissions

Artist commissions are no longer just something members of the upper class can afford to have! Today, many artists are open to taking on commissions as it shows them people are enjoying their work. If you really like a work of art but it’s already sold or you are looking to get something a little more personalised, try reaching out to the artist. Commissioning artwork is a unique experience that allows you to trust someone to create what you are visualising. It gives you the chance to have a personalised work of art that will stay with you forever.

When Commissioning a work of art from Inky Thump a good working relationship is essential. It is important to have open communication and discuss what you want from the painting but also to understand there is a method to create your vision. Commissioning a work of art is a long process that should not be rushed. Deadlines and review dates will all be agreed before work commences.

If you are looking to commission art from Inky Thump, simply click on the link below to send a request form. You can start by looking at some recently completed painting.

You will need to state the subject to be painted and the size. You will then be contacted directly with a quote and to discuss the piece further.

Artist Commissions Contact Form