Commissioning art for an office — Adding finishing touches to your spaces

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Commissioning art for an office
Commissioning art for an office
Commissioning art for an office

Commissioning art

When property developer Unica Capital were commissioning art for an office renovation they had just completed in Soho, London, they asked Inky Thump to produce 4 pieces of original wall art.

By working together from the very beginning of the project, a comprehensive brief was created. This gave Inky Thump the scope to produce vibrant images that reflect the artists style. It also delivered on all the developers aspirations. 

By keeping an ongoing dialogue throughout the duration of the project, which included briefing sessions, presenting initial ideas, sketches and then refinements, the final artworks were well received by all parties.

The four portraits created, set out to reflect the vibrancy and diversity of Soho. They line the entrance hall to the offices, adding vibrancy and interest whilst creating a sense of arrival for visitors to the property.

Inky first created a set of striking backgrounds. By using different coloured paints applied abstractly, the cosmopolitan, inclusive nature of Soho is reflected in the pieces. A layer of black ink was then applied using a silk screen printing process. All the portraits were created in this way -striping out colour from the models demonstrates we are all equals regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, age, etc.

Finally, a distressed layer of gold paint was added to define the figure’s outlines.

How do I begin the process of commissioning art?

Commissioning art for an office is a lot less daunting than many people think. Be it for a commercial building, small office or your home. The process is straightforward forward if you engage with the artist from the outset. It is important that both artist and client communicate throughout the entire process. Do this and you will end up owning a unique piece of wall art that is personal to you or your company.

What should you do if you have a project that requires a unique mural of piece of artwork? You can begin by researching artists that you admire. Engage with these artist, explain the project and manage expectation from the outset by being open about your budget. Most artist are open to commissions and relish the opportunity to work closely with clients.

If you have a project that requires this approach, please contact Inky Thump to discuss your requirements in further details.

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