Using art to make a statement in your home or office

Using art to make a statement in your home or office
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Art in an office, business, or commercial setting
Creating a positive first impression when clients and staff visit your place of work is important. The aim is to create a dramatic sense of arrival, the lack of any great impact can have a negative reflection of your brand. Modern architectural design, interior decor, warm natural light, and open spaces can all play a part in achieving this. However, not everyone is in a position to carry out a high-end refurbishment project. The desired effect can however be achieved by creating a focal point with statement art pieces. This can dramatically alter the look and feel of your space. A well-chosen piece of artwork can go a long to achieve a positive first impression.

With businesses struggling to find new ways to entice staff back to the office, ensuring staff have an inspiring place to work is essential. This also goes for businesses trying to attract customers to spend time and money with them – for example coffee shops, bars, restaurants, gyms, and hair salons. An inspiring environment is going to make customers spend more time on each visit which in turn should result in them spending more money with you. 

Art shouldn’t be an insignificant interior decorating decision or afterthought. Companies that see the benefits of displaying original paintings, giclee prints, photographs, or sculptures in their offices are giving themselves a significant advantage over their competitors. Employees thrive in a positive and optimistic environment, and research suggests that having art in the workplace increases creativity, efficiency, and even productivity.

Art makes a statement about who you are. It can demonstrate your personality of in the case of a company, it’s spirit and energy to employees and clients – In lobbies, conference rooms, elevator landings, as well as all other areas of a workplace, a carefully selected piece of art can send a message to those who see it, expressing and reinforcing brand values. 

In the home
Art can create a focal point that draws you in, whilst expressing your personality and creating a talking point when you entertain. A dull home office, living room, hallway or large wall can be brought to life with vibrant colour or appealing subject matter.

You can opt for original art or high-quality giclee reproduction – once framed these are impactful alternatives to original paintings on stretched canvas. If you admire an artist’s style, but the subject matter is not quite right, you can always request a commission based on a topic more suitable to your interests. Most of all, displaying a spectacular art collection does not have to be expensive. Some amazing artists do not get anywhere near the recognition they deserve, so why not buy from a local artist at a fraction of the price you would pay when purchasing from a gallery. By doing so, you also help promote them and support their craft.

By creating a focal point with art, you’re drawing the eye in. Any statement piece of artwork should never be just isolated on a wall. Artworks always look far more effective if they are part of the room, so above a chair or sofa, in a decorating vignette with a side table and plant or a large-scale piece over a bed.

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