• Giclee Print detail of Jimi Hendrix

    What are Giclee prints?


    Origination of the Giclee printing process Many people are confused as to what giclee prints are or even how to pronounce the word (Gee-clay). Put simply, the word giclée…

  • The beatles images of a woman painting auction

    A painting created and signed by all four members of The Beatles goes up for auction


    Christies are putting up for auction the only known painting buy all four members of the Beatles, what makes this artwork even more sort after, is that fact it is also signed by Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison and John Lennon. Titled Images of a Woman, 1966 , the acrylic and watercolour study, which…

  • Using art to make a statement in your home or office

    Using art to make a statement in your home or office


    Art shouldn’t be an insignificant interior decorating decision or afterthought. Companies that see the benefits of displaying original paintings, giclee prints, photographs, or sculptures in their offices are giving themselves a significant advantage over their competitors. Employees thrive in a positive and optimistic environment, and research suggests that having art in the workplace increases creativity,…

  • abstract-mixed-media-gold-portrait-painting-female

    Commissioning art for an office — Adding finishing touches to your spaces


    Commissioning art is a lot less daunting than many people think. Be it for a commercial building, small office or your home, the process is straightforward forward and you will end up owning a unique piece of wall art that is personal to you or your company.